Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blessings to the Daughters of Creation

The wild winds of the East breathe you inspiration and the Muse whisper's of tomorrow's people; the gyring fires of the South invigorate you with vim and vigor; the resplendent waves of the West dolphin-sparkle you with the deep power of compassion; the fortifying rocks of the North nurture and affirm your strength of being. Above sings you lullabies from guides and constellations which also make up your bone marrow and the matrices of your cellular splendour while Below grounds you in this right now breath of whimsy and delight. Sacred Center is a kiss that goes through your whole being, welcoming you here, dear daughter of creation. Welcome!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Organiform Tree of Knowledge Libraries

Yesterday I reveled in this book: Builders of the Pacific Coast. Today I visualize a library that literalizes the tree of knowledge metaphor - (something I think they incorporated into a Dr. Who I saw once, now that I'm thinking about it) - where different portions of the branches of the building, in organiform unfurling, nest related books. (Here's some snaps of the pics in the book, a great slide show of it here. [Pictured at right: from Builders of the Pacific Coast, photo of the Lloyd House, Lloyd Kahn]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Creativity and Connectedness -With Slices of Lemon and Guided by Beetle and Amaranth Blossom

I never studied latin, but I will never forget Mrs. Wolff in seventh grade teaching us poetry. We walk into class and she is slicing lemons. She invites us each to get settled in our chairs, and pay close attention. Then she has us each bite into a slice of lemon. A sudden ray of sun, a life-changing moment, an awakening. I will never be the same for that one slice of lemon.

I know this is going to sound so results oriented but I want my teaching to be elemental/alchemical when I'm "in the groove" - catalytic and activating: wings rise; sparks fly; empathy flows; wisdom deepens. So if I were assessing classroom experience, I would want to have a pulse on the direct embodied experience and the fruit of that experience for 'learners'/co-teachers. I wish we had a wow-o-meter that could measure the wow-waves when classes are amazing, synergistic, autopoietic. Then another question for me is what happens with the wow? Can we sustain it? Is some of it subtle and synchronistic (how do we optimize for subtle and synchronistic, guided by beetle and amaranth blossom as much as human mentation or design)-- Is that a longitudinal study? Is that about a way of measuring ecological (relational) richness? The more things it sparks, the better?

As in creativity theory, this might be a new thing related to the quality of elaboration and originality; amongst the main four - according to some-: fluidity, flexibility, elaboration, and originality. Or is it a different factor to assess for; there is definitely a tension between originality sourced in divergence and (innovation) and creativity which connnects. Perhaps there is a form of creativity which has been undervalued in innovation-addicted scientific reaserch on creativity, which perhaps would be a form of originality that would also favor connectedness and relationship instead of difference. It's possible what we need to cultivate now is ecological creativity that connects us to larger cycles and flows of Earth wisdom. Instead of a creativity of divergence and difference, a proliferating profusion of connection, biomimetic, pulsing, alive.