Friday, October 21, 2016

Early Release Launch of New Cornell University, EE Capacity, and NAAEE Community Climate Change Education Resource Co-Edited by Marna Hauk

An Early Release Version of "Community Climate Change Education: A Mosaic of Approaches" is now available at

Edited by Marna Hauk and Elizabeth Pickett
Illustrated by Susan Chung

Authored by 20+ Community Climate Change Fellows

Supported by EE Capacity and NAAEE, with funding from the EPA

A New e-Book on Community Climate Change Education

Strategies and Convergence -
Vibrant Stories from the Front Lines of Community Strength,
Solidarity, Social Innovation, Youth Investment, Climate Justice,
Indigenous Organizing, and School Collaborations

Early Release Date: October 20, 2016 - Now Downloadable from


• 26 Reports from the Field

• Resources and Links on More than 15 Climate Change Education Topics:
Marine Science, Effective Climate Change Communication, Environmental
Justice, Carbon-Sequestering Community Food Systems, Youth Leadership,
School Projects, Neighborhood Eco-Organizing, Social Incubators for Gaian
Resilience, Ecotourism, Indigenous Resurgence, and More…

• Fifty+ Vignettes from the Front Lines – The Process of Effective
Community Climate Change Action: Alliance, Capacity, Networks, Mutual Learning,
Communities of Practice, Restoration, Possibility, Hope

• Original Research Report: Strategies and Resources for the Long Haul and
Preventing Burnout for Climate Change Educator-Organizers

• Original Facilitation Guide with Learning Practices: Facilitation Strategies for Surfacing Unheard Voices