Sunday, November 16, 2014

Call for Proposals - Women in Sustainability Handbook

This call for proposals just out from Marna Hauk, Ph.D. and Denise Mitten, Ph.D.

Women in Sustainability are like a stellar nursery, such as the Carina Nebula. Within the emergent processes of the living universe and the generosity of the planetary unfolding, women in sustainability are interweaving ecology, equity, culture, and economics into deep, ancient, innovative, and generative forms and processes for planetary liberation. We are molten, pushing out the borders and bounds of the fields of sustainability in relational connectivity and inclusion. We are pragmatic, grounded, and embodying action. 

We seek an admixture of insight, research, clarity, story-telling, art, and inspiration from women in the fields, practice, or transdiscipline of sustainability. We want to learn from eco-artist mavericks, women in sustainable science, women in collective endeavor; current day success stories; intersectional sustainabilities and sustainable solidarities; ecofeminist, matrixial, and material feminist sustainabilities; journeys into ancient, generative mother-cultures; group-authored visionaries breathing into the labor pains of the current era; love notes to the future. Articles, poems and brief writings, and a “recipes of sustainability” section including self-sustaining as well as mothering sustainable cultures. 

Send your 1-3 page chapter proposal with brief bio and CV by February 1, 2015
Email your chapter proposals or drafts to
womeninsustainability at gmail -dot- com by May 1, 2015
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