Friday, July 17, 2015

Women Empowering Climate Action Network - July 23rd Information Night and Watch "Arise the Movie" - Portland Oregon

We will share information for interested women for the WE-CAN Women Empowering Climate Action Network ( upcoming year-long mentored support certificate program and social incubator for women's community climate action projects. We are currently accepting applications. 

Prospective participants, mentors, and community supporters are invited. We will watch "Arise: The Movie" which features example grassroots projects in ecofeminism action from around the world, including inspiring words from Vandana Shiva and Winona LaDuke. 

We will discuss these inspiring examples, the nature of the upcoming program, how to apply and get involved, opportunities to mentor, and inspire women's projects in community climate action. Open Q & A format too. Meet women committed to innovating projects for climate resilience and earth connection. Herbal tea will be served. All women are welcome.

More information on our Facebook event page: