Friday, March 30, 2012

Earth Dreaming Research

Mariko Mori, "Dream Temple,"
photo by R. Learoyd
In a multi-scale world of imbricated (woven) co-arising and emergence, the Earth system continues to come alive and communicate in and through us. How can we design research with Earth as an active co-researcher/participant?

One recent initiative hypothesizes that certain kinds of dreams might represent "earth dreams" and constitute expressions of the earth system through humans. This is an extension of the concept of earth empathy, in which the planetary system and wisdom comes alive through human ways of knowing and being. As part of the research work of the Institute, this earth dreaming research is conducting mixed methods research with a cohort of dreamers who are incubating earth dreams. If you have what you believe to be "earth dreams" or encounter them in your readings or life experience, please contact earthdreamingresearch AT gmail DOT com. It might be that your earth dream could be considered as data for this research project in its initial or a future phase. We will post occasional information and ideas pertaining to these topics via this blog.

Image credit: Mariko Mori, "Dream Temple," photo by R. Learoyd From