Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Envisioning Educating-With - and Supporting the Detox of Dependency in Learners to Nurture Ecofractal Networks of Interconnected Imagination

Grading and evaluation are troubling topics in regenerative education. If we are deeply committed to students moving from intrinsic motivation, interest, and curiosity, yet teach within dominant-culture organizations, what are we to do? 

Students have been enculturated in external locus of control evaluation. I'm teaching a class right now where the students develop their own rubrics for deep self-evaluation. Yet some students continue to not show up as much as they would, not contribute as much as they would than if every discussion and activity had specific points associated with it. The reductionism, hierarchy, and externalization of value intrinsic to dominator culture education structures would tend toward classrooms of dis-integrated nodes of action that can be independently enumerated. 

I imagine co-designing with students a detox regimen where they can reorient around intrinsic motivation and geared toward interconnective co-creative explorations.  

Artwork by Barbara Wildenboer (Link)

In kinds of regenerative education informed by power-with, we might instead envision eddies and flows of integrating discussion across multiple activities and readings, and a connectivist ethos of collaborative inquiry. I fantasize mycelial rubrics of connection and collaboration and mutual making. How can we co-generate networks of fresh connection and co-nurturing extensions of knowledge? ...And what software, rather than the hyperstructure of Canvas or the dungeons of diffraction in Moodle, might support such network making? A mashup of decentered mindmapping and rich media? Perhaps with "scores" for fluidity, flexibility, originality, and elaboration? Via citations, quotes at nodes, plus rich multimedia content, original drawings at nodes? And what about metapatterns of an ecofractal nature rather than simple radiance? A regenerative educator can always dream...

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